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 Tournament poll

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RaphaelTMNT Admin

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PostSubject: Tournament poll   Sat May 30, 2009 10:33 pm

There will be a bundle of different matches, and after two weeks someone will be eliminated from each match. This will go on until there is a winner! This will be the first tournament, but there will be others in the future.

Match#1. Mario vs. Amy Rose

Match#2. Fox Mccloud vs. Yoshi

Match#3. Clank Vs. Rob

Match#4. Wario Vs. Knuckles

Match#5. Ratchet Vs. Princess Zelda

Match#6. Bowser Vs. Slippy

Match#7. Solid Snake Vs. SubZero

Match#8. Luigi Vs. Tails

Match#9. Batman Vs. Donkey Kong

Match#10. Sonic Vs. The Flash

Match#11. Waluigi Vs. Bowser Jr.

Match#12. Ganondorf vs. Dr. Eggman

Match#13. Shadow the hedgehog vs. Samus

Match#14. Ness vs. the Shredder

Match#15. Robin vs. Cream

Match#16. Martch vs. lara croft

Match#17. Samus vs. Ironman

Match#18. Kano vs. Raphael the ninja turtle

Match#19. Falco vs. Jet the hawk

Match#20. Jak vs. Spiderman

As a responce just write down the match number with the name of who you think would win in that match.
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament poll   Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:04 pm

Match#1. Mario

Match#2. Fox Mccloud

Match#3. Rob

Match#4. Wario Vs. Knuckles: A draw (I CAN'T CHOOSE)

Match#5. Princess Zelda

Match#6. Bowser

Match#7. Solid Snake

Match#8. Tails

Match#9. Donkey Kong

Match#10. Sonic

Match#11. Bowser Jr.

Match#12. Ganondorf

Match#13. Shadow the hedgehog

Match#14. the Shredder

Match#15. Cream

Match#16. Lara Croft

Match#17. Ironman

Match#18. Raphael the ninja turtle

Match#19. Falco

Match#20. Spiderman

I can't choose between Knuckles and Wario, they're my fav's I JUST CAN'T!!!
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Tournament poll
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